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Hard Day? Relax With a Book By Nationally Bestselling and Two-Time RITA Winning Author Wendy Warren

You're Home

I have a hidden talent: I can whistle the theme songs to the Andy Griffith Show, I Love Lucy, Here Come The Brides, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and My Three Sons. I would gladly move to Mayberry (if it existed and I could convince my family to live without a mall).

Remember the great community feeling and laughter of those shows? Neighbors were friends, friends were family, and people's foibles made them more lovable.

That's the feeling I tried to recreate in my miniseries Home Sweet Honeyford. You lovely readers made Book One a bestseller!

I can't believe Book Three is about to come out. On August 23rd, Caleb and Gabrielle will tell their story. They're proof positive that no heart is too broken for love to mend it.

CALEB'S BRIDE is available from Harlequin Special Edition. You can click on the title to your right for a sneak peak or visit the "bookshelf" page.

Check out My Favorite Things for some fun recipes. Soon, I'll be posting a few of Honeyford's favorite recipes--like Claire's famous Honey Bunz and Sheriff Griffin Buchanan's Deep Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge.

In the meantime...

Try the brownie recipe--I promise you chocolate paradise.

After the brownies, maybe you'd better bake a tofu-broccoli quiche. There's a recipe for that, too.

Be talking to you again soon!


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Available August 23, 2011
"Passionate, tender and rich in family feeling, Wendy Warren's stories will have you laughing out loud."--USA Today Bestselling Author Christine Rimmer


For divorcee Rosemary Jeffers, the thought of diving back into the dating pool is as appealing as dunking herself into chum and swimming in shark-infested waters. Then she meets Dean Kingsley. It takes one night to turn them into parents. Now they'll have the rest of their lives to figure out how to make it work.
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